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Morelands Grill – Dublin

I was kindly invited along to the launch of the new Morelands Grill on Westmoreland street. It's actually beside/part of the Westin hotel but also serves as its own entity rather than simply being another hotel restaurant. It has its own separate entrance which highlights that point. Inside is tastefully decorated but since I was [...]

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O’Briens Dublin Wine Fair – Spring 2017

O'Briens Dublin Wine Fair I was invited along to the O'Briens Dublin Wine Fair the other week, an event I have been to in the past and enjoy very much. It's great value for money and you get a book with all of the wines in which you can take notes and mark wines you [...]

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Facebook – An Internet within the Internet

Facebook OK we all use Facebook these days. As a species, a massive percentage of humans on this planet use Facebook. As of April 2017, 1.86 Billion of us use the social media platform. That's a staggering number really. According to internetworldstats.com there are about 3.7 Billion people with internet access in the world so roughly [...]

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Night Photography – Trying to Capture the Milky Way – Part One

Last week, I headed to Glendalough in the evening to try some night photography. It was a clear evening as I drove south. I had read that Glendalough/Laragh has perhaps the darkest skies closest to Dublin and since I was already running an errand in south Dublin, I figured I could keep going. When I arrived, [...]

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Photography: Mounting Your Prints for Competitions

I'm at the stage now where it's time to start properly mounting my photos for competitions. Tonight is the final of the Mullingar Camera Club competition. I had already submitted some images a few months ago on a bad mount board. For the final, we are to submit 2 final images and we are allowed [...]

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The White Rabbit Project – It’s Not Supposed to be Mythbusters

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking for a show to watch during lunchtime at work and came across The White Rabbit Project. It has the familiar support team from Mythbusters so I was intrigued. I read a little about it first and all the reviews seem to be complaining that it's not as good [...]

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I like Tannins in Wine

On Wednesday at my wine course, we covered The America's both North and South. I find most North American wines too sweet. Most of the wines we had from Argentina and Chile were reds and most were pretty sweet. One stood out for me though and that was Bodegas Callia Blend de Terroirs Cabernet Sauvignon. That's [...]

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