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Sister Act – The Musical

The Location I went along to see the musical production of Sister Act this week. It was my first time going to the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre in Dublin. That's a horrible, mouthful of a name for a theatre so I'm going to refer to it as the BGE theatre. The BGE theatre is Ireland's largest [...]

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Indus Spice – A little Piece of Bollywood in Stillorgan

I was invited along to Indus Spice in Stillorgan on Tuesday by Love Belfast. Yeah, that sounded a little odd to me at first too but here's how it happened. The first Irish curry awards were actually hosted in Belfast last month and Indus Spice won the Best Newcomer at the awards. Love Belfast were involved and [...]

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Hosting Woes

Background Back in September, I wrote an article about moving this very blog from blogger.com to self hosted wordpress. I recommended Letshost hosting in Ireland because I had used them before. Well, recently I was setting up a new website using wordpress as the CMS and I hosted it on my Letshost package. Things didn't [...]

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The Rolling Vineyards of Saint-Émilion

We left San Sebastian on a wet and miserable Monday morning. It was even a little chilly due to the rain. I had high hopes for the Bordeaux region of France which is known for its sunshine. Originally, we were supposed to stay for 2 nights in Bordeaux city itself and were going to visit [...]

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Avoiding Pointless Pintxos in San Sebastian

Walking around the streets of the old town in San Sebastian, you can't help but wonder about the whole pintxo thing. They are everywhere, almost every bar is packed full of plates of random pieces of food.  A pintxo is sort of like a bigger version of tapas and is often sitting atop a piece of bread, pierced [...]

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Migrating From Blogger to WordPress

  Last week, I decided to move this blog from Blogger to Wordpress. Here's the thing, I have been using Blogger on my main blog (taleofale.com) since 2008 and have thought about migrating to full self-hosted Wordpress (not wordpress.com) for years. The reason being that Google seem to have stopped developing Blogger and wordpress has [...]

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IT as Portrayed in Movies and Television

Why is it that in movies and TV shows, the hacking or general IT stuff is so diabolically bad? Is it too much to ask producers or whoever is in charge of this sort of thing to simply hire an IT guy as a consultant? This comes to me after I went to see Jason [...]

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What’s With Walking Poles?

Perhaps it's just my ignorance on the subject but these seem like the most pointless thing ever to me. What are they for? The only use I can determine for walking or hiking poles is as a means of defence against a would be attacker, especially in an urban area. What possible benefit can they [...]

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