O’Briens Dublin Wine Fair – Spring 2017

O'Briens Dublin Wine Fair I was invited along to the O'Briens Dublin Wine Fair the other week, an event I have been to in the past and enjoy very much. It's great value for money and you get a book with all of the wines in which you can take notes and mark wines you [...]

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I like Tannins in Wine

On Wednesday at my wine course, we covered The America's both North and South. I find most North American wines too sweet. Most of the wines we had from Argentina and Chile were reds and most were pretty sweet. One stood out for me though and that was Bodegas Callia Blend de Terroirs Cabernet Sauvignon. That's [...]

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Wine Appreciation Course at The Hole in the Wall, Dublin

A few weeks ago, I saw on Facebook that the local pub in Dublin, The Hole in the Wall, was putting on a Wine Appreciation Course. It was €80 per person and consisted of 6 Tuesday nights from 8pm to 10pm. The course was on every second weak which was nice as it requires less [...]

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The Rolling Vineyards of Saint-Émilion

We left San Sebastian on a wet and miserable Monday morning. It was even a little chilly due to the rain. I had high hopes for the Bordeaux region of France which is known for its sunshine. Originally, we were supposed to stay for 2 nights in Bordeaux city itself and were going to visit [...]

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