Night Photography – Trying to Capture the Milky Way – Part One

Last week, I headed to Glendalough in the evening to try some night photography. It was a clear evening as I drove south. I had read that Glendalough/Laragh has perhaps the darkest skies closest to Dublin and since I was already running an errand in south Dublin, I figured I could keep going. When I arrived, [...]

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Photography: Mounting Your Prints for Competitions

I'm at the stage now where it's time to start properly mounting my photos for competitions. Tonight is the final of the Mullingar Camera Club competition. I had already submitted some images a few months ago on a bad mount board. For the final, we are to submit 2 final images and we are allowed [...]

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Filter Photography

Before modern digital filters like Instagram and the like, photographers used physical filters to generate the results that they want. Even today, the best images are produced using traditional lens filters. To get into landscape photography, a filter is pretty essential so it was about time I invested in some. Up until now, the only [...]

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